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Actually, all started when I listened to the "Epitaph" of KING CRIMSON and the "Pull me Under of DREAM THEATER" back in 1997 in a rave party! This was it! I was highly struck by the multi-dimensionality of this music that I started looking for more similar one! In early 00's, I discovered the ultimate prog music source, the progarchives data base, and I started collecting info and buying prog music. Because of my background in music theory and practice (a drummer, myself) I started experimenting with alternative time signatures and various drumscapes subbing for many local bands of my hometown. The cherry on the cake set when I started conceiving the fact that prog music and its criteria helped me to appreciate the non-prog music spectrum while it offered me the tools to ameliorate my musical taste, my musical practice and my life in a general psychological way. Last but not least, prog music helped me to construct new cognitive representations of music and to conceive a useful theoretical scheme of music categorization (highlighted in a book that is under preparation). This spillover effect of prog music in my life was "reimbursed" in 2012 with the foundation of the first prog radio in Greece (please see more about the purpose of this radio here: And this was it! I enriched my purposes in life and I started optimizing my endless list of a wide palette of prog and non-prog music! 

A paraphrazed text of my upcoming book follows and this is dedicated to all of you: "Prog music needs time: Time to evolve, time to mature, time to unfold, time to connect, time to effect. Even though in its 40's yet (for the 20th century, at least), this concept of music is still under development. And this is not about an idiosyncratic or subjective genre only. Prog music is a concept, mostly a mix of objective, measurable criteria; a natural expansion of traditional music into familiar or/and still undiscovered territories filled with the unique personalities/characters of a variety of people that are triggered to follow the expansive path instead of the regular one; maybe this is the first "world nusic", literally...This descriptive, non-interpretative, concept is here to feature how music, one of the most ambiguous types of art, is developed through time and space...and it gives us the tools to experience music as an integrative, organismic, part of our life." 

Let's take a prog journey! 



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«Τα μουσικά έργα παρέχονται μόνο για ιδιωτική χρήση κάθε επισκέπτη / χρήστη και απαγορεύεται η με οιονδήποτε τρόπο περαιτέρω εκμετάλλευση αυτών χωρίς την προηγούμενη άδεια της ΑΕΠΙ».

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