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Hello, I decided to explore prog rock/metal in 2008 (maybe earlier) when I started to listen to Mikael Akerfeldt's (Opeth) influences from a list that was on the old Myspace! As you understand he is one of my most favorite musicians! Though, back then I discovered John Cage and Krzysztof Penderecki! So, another journey had begun too! I've graduated from a radio production and a music technology class! I'm very glad that I'm a part of this radio station because one of my desires was to become a prog radio producer! A-ha! Last winter (2013) I started reading philosophy of music (for many reasons) and my ideology has changed a lot! That means I have a bigger interest for experimental/innovative/unique artists! I love Xenakis, concrete/acousmatic music, extreme prog metal and free improvisation!!! I call myself music freak or gossip boy of music! Every Wednesday and Sunday at 8pm (6pm GMT/BST), in my show called "Sonorous Meal", I usually stream experimental, free improv and brutal prog music! The goal of this show is to give a chance to listeners who want to be adventurous (and musicians) to become familiar with this "strange/difficult" music too and be open-minded about music (or trying to be)!


The fb group of the show:

and the group of my solo musical project:


Top albums of 2013:

David Velez - Unseen terror
Graham Lambkin and Keith Rowe - Making A
Aanipaa - Through A Pre-Memory
Bull of heaven- 291: Reduction to Elementary Particles and Radiation
Haco and Toshiya Tsunoda - TramVibration
Fire! - Without Noticing
DKV trio & Gustafsson/Nilssen-Love/Pupillo - Schl8hof
Peter Broetzmann - Long story short compilation
Marginal Consort - Instal. Glasgow 2008
Graham Lambkin and Jason Lescalleet - Photographs
Syrphe: Noise music in Africa and Asia
Vinyl Terror And Horror - Deconstructed turntables and
cut-up records
0011011001111000 - 6x
Crowhurst - Memory-loss
Euhedral - Artefacts
Zbeen - Eigen
Ennio Mazzon - Xuan
M. Savant Stifleson - Nu Sences at Shiner Shoere
Tote Stadt, Mourmansk150 and Hinyouki — Lay Dead Darling
Control-Z - Anachronism
Futurologia - Lo que Escuchan los Satelites
Mob - s/t
Paco Rossique - Boulevard canvas
Away - Cities
Dead neanderthals - …and it ended badly
Marti Guillem Ciscar - VIBRASO/ RotorNoRoto
Javier Pinango - I.r. real Space Music
Jorge Marredo - Ueyiga
Daniel Menche - Vilke
Hiroki Sasajima - Circle wind
Sovndbitten - s/t
Mittimus - Plum deception
Sister overdrive - The shape of failures past
Unsample - Cyberklang
Berangere Maximin - Infinitesimal
Nondeterministic algorithm - Cesspool
Pharmakustik - Granulomatosis
Various Artists - Green Field Recordings World Listening Day

Honorable reference to:
Gnaw - Horrible chamber
Ihsahn - Das Seelenbrechen
Death grips - Government plates
Terra Tenebrosa - The Purging


Here's also my top albums of Impulsive Ηabitat for 2013 (separate list/separate radio show):


Christopher McFall - Quivering into your blood night radio
Seth Cooke - Intercession
David Prescott-Steed - Soap
Artificial Memory Trace - Currents
David Velez - Isolation matter
Una Lee - Dah eum
Jose Soberanes - Peripheries of reflection
Juan Manuel Castrillo - Horizontales
Chris Reider - Oido con plomo
Francisco Meirino - Knowing more how than why


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