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Aeolus started listening to Progressive Metal in the mid 90s. Ten years later, he got into internet sites such as DPRP and progarchives and discovered an enormous wealth of progressive music that was all waiting to be found.

Aeolus likes listening to music that is pompous, minor and requires skill and imagination. A skilled musician and adept improviser himself, Aeolus appreciates originality as much as feeling in the music of his contemporaries. In his show, Themes and Stories from Prog Land, he likes to explore various lyric concepts, as they have developed from the 70s to the recent prog world. In other words, every show is built around a different idea.

If you like this kind of music, join us on Thursdays at 22:00 Athens Time for yet another show of ‘Themes and Stories from Prog Land’!



This time last year, I was asked to create a list of my favourite albums of 2014. Already a justincase producer for only 3 months, I had my work cut out for me. I asked for the help of the other producers, who were generous to provide me with the equivalent material and I finally came up with a list of my own top choices.

This year has been very interesting, full of new appearances as well as returns of older groups. Throughout the year, I have been keeping my eyes (and ears) open to new releases. With an average of 5 new albums per week, I could say that I have listened to approximately 250 new releases in 2014, most of which have been broadcast on 'Themes and Stories from Prog Land' as well as on all other radio shows. However, come December, and I have realised that this wasn't enough! It is never enough. And an objective radio producer can never say that they have the perfect list, that they haven't omitted something or ignored something else.

For that reason, I must stress that this list isn't a Best List of 2014. It is a merely a best list of the albums I have already listened to. As a result, expect more 2014 favourites to turn up in the next few years!

Before I give you my 2014 list, here are the 5 albums that I would have liked to have included in last year's list. So, a late extra Best Omitted 5 albums from 2013's list:

  1. Circle of Illusion – Jeremias (Austria)
  2. Aisles – 4:45 am (Chile)
  3. Laquesis – Laquesis (Argentina)
  4. The Worm Ouroboros – Of Things that Never Were (Belarus)
  5. Toehider – What Kind of Creature am I? (Australia)

And here are my favourites from 2014 in alphabetical order:

  1. A Big Goodbye – History in Rewind
  2. Act – Circus Pandemonium
  3. Anubis Gate – Horizons
  4. Contemporary Dead Finnish Music Ensemble – Dark Matters
  5. Devin Townsend – Z2 Disk 2: Dark Matters (not disk 1, just the part with Ziltoid!)
  6. Distorted Harmony – Chain Reaction
  7. Druckfarben – Second Sound
  8. Eyot – Similarity
  9. Kayak – Cleopatra The Crown of Isis
  10. Major Parkinson – Twilight Cinema
  11. Motorpsycho – Behind the Sun
  12. Opeth – Pale Communion
  13. Randone – Ultreia (Canzoni Sulla Via – Atto 1)
  14. Seven Impale – City of the Sun
  15. Siena Root – Pioneers
  16. Syndone – Odysseas
  17. The Oneira – Hyperconscious
  18. The Samurai of Prog – The Imperial Hotel
  19. Veni Domine – Light
  20. Voyager – V

Special mention goes to (mainly newcomers and hidden gems):

  1. Annot Rhul - Leviathan
  2. California Breed – California Breed
  3. Dropshard – Silk
  4. Fabio Zuffanti – La Quarta Vittima
  5. Jean Loup Pecquais – Score
  6. Kaukasus – I
  7. MoeTar – Entropy of the Century
  8. Spidergawd – Spidergawd
  9. Synaesthesia – Synaesthesia
  10. Tacita Intesa – Tacita Intesa



1.Half Past Four – Good Things
2.Days Between Stations – In Extremis
3.The Samurai of Prog – Secrets of Disguise
4.Caligula’s Horse – The Tide, the Thief & River’s End
5.Fright Pig – Out of the Barnyard
6.Not a Good Sign – Not a Good Sign
7.Birds and Buildings – Multipurpose Trap
8.Steven Wilson – The Raven That Refused to Sing
9.Osada Vida – Particles
10.Arabs in Aspic II – Pictures in a Dream



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